Jenny Jones Shares Her Winning Strategies

And it has nothing to do with your golf swing or your equipment...


60 Minute Session Sharing 5 Key Mind Tools That Will Transform Your Golf Game

Live Webinar Recording


60 Minute Session Sharing 5 Key Mind Tools That Will Transform Your Golf Game

My Personal Invitation To You

Dear Fellow Golfers,


I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to view the recording of my Mind Game Workshop.


The content of my talks stem from my early struggles, and the steps I took which very quickly transformed me from a failed professional golfer, ready to give the game away, to a multiple tournament winner on the international stage and the number one ranking on the Australian LPGA Tour.


I achieved this through my own research together with an investment, which I couldn’t afford at the time, in a course that taught me how to control my thinking. I found a way to adapt this knowledge to my golf game. I have no doubt that the tools and techniques I developed to transform my game, can be used successfully by any golfer at any level.


I want to pass on my knowledge and share my secrets with you and other fellow golfers, so please spread the word to any others you think might benefit from this video.


I promise it will be an enlightening experience.


Looking forward helping YOU improve your golf game without spending any time on the practice range!

What You'll Learn At The Workshop Video

  • How the mental side of golf is a critical part of the game

  • To be aware of those thoughts that sabotage your game and stop you from improving

  • Techniques to address fears, doubts and those negative thoughts that affect your game.

  • The importance of having a specific target and routine

  • How your post round chat affects your next game of golf.

What People Are Saying About Jenny's Mind Tools For Golf

"I ended up coming 5th. Thank You Jenny!"

Michelle Paul


"The results were easy to see!"

Damon Stephenson


Michele Meers

Sales Agent, McGrath Real Estate, Palm Beach

"She Helped Me With My Confidence"

Jenny Jones has been an inspiration to me for some time. She has helped me with my confidence and focusing on achieving my business and personal goals. Her amazing insight into how the mind works has aided me on many levels. I would highly recommend Jenny.

Bruce Young

Multi Award Winning Golf Journalist

"Jenny's Presentation Really Hit Home For Me"

I was asked recently if I would host a function where Jenny Jones would present her Mind Game concept to a group of interested Gold Coast golfers at Sanctuary Cove Country Club.


I had been aware that Jenny was developing her interest in this side of the game and the chance to see it first hand and to assist her that evening was one I was delighted to be involved in.


In my role as a golf journalist I am aware of the greater role of those assisting golfers in this all important mental aspect of playing the game at the elite level.


There were a number of aspects of Jenny’s presentation that evening however that hit home for me.


Firstly, that she is speaking from the experience she has gained at the ‘coal face’ of professional golf. She has ‘been there and done that’ and the aspects she covers are testament to that background. She truly identifies with the golfer and the issues they face.


Secondly Jenny’s presentation was not only for the professional or elite golfer but the issues she raises are targeted to golfers at all levels, in fact I can see the aspects she covers having some of their greatest impact for the club or weekend golfer.


Finally, the fact that Jenny keeps her presentation simple, easy to understand and uncomplicated will serve to further enhance the impact it has and I can see only good things coming of her promotion of such an important part of the game of golf.

Jenny Jones is one of Australia’s most successful female Touring Professionals, a multi tournament winner on the international stage. She is renowned for her mental strength, and has helped many players achieve success using her techniques…

Jenny's accomplishments include:

  • Australian Golf Digest's Australian Woman Golfer of the Year in 1992

  • Earned in excess of $3 million dollars in the first six years after discovering the Mind Game techniques.

  • Former No. 1 Australian LPGA Order of Merit

  • Former Golf Digest Australian Woman Golfer of the Year

  • 9 Tournament Victories on International Tours

  • Founder/Producer “Women of Professional Golf Calendar"

  • Lifeline Telephone Crisis Counselor



60 Minute Session Sharing 5 Key Mind Tools That Will Transform Your Golf Game

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